Gifts and Memorials

Community members have donated funds to honor or remember special events in their lives, such as marriages, births, anniversaries or deaths. The memorial book program enables the Library to purchase many extra items of high quality.
A gift to the Marion City LIbrary in honor or memory of someone you love perpetuates the memory of the deceased or gives recognition to a friend, relative or loved one. The gift, in essence, becomes a “living memorial” that will always be appreciated and cherished as it is circulated from person to person to person to…
When your gift or memorial contribution is received, an acknowledgment note will be sent to the family of the person memorialized or you have chosen to honor and recognize. The amount of your gift is confidential and is never mentioned.
An attractive book plate will be placed in the front of each book indicating to whom the book is dedicated and the name of the donor.
Your contributions are a beautiful way to express your love and respect for someone special.