Over 25,000 volumes including best selling adult fiction and non-fiction. This also includes children, junior fiction, junior non-fiction, and teen fiction.


Patrons may check out three  DVDs for three days.

Interlibrary Loan:

If the library doesn’t own the book or movie a patron wants, it can be borrowed from another library at no charge.

Rotating Books:

More than 300 books from North Central Kansas Libraries are exchanged every two months.

Audio CD

Audio CDs may be checked out for 2 weeks.

Board Games

A variety of children and adult Board Games are available for checkout.

   1 game per family for a week.

Audio CD/Book kits for Children

Book with audio CD for Children.   Checkout for 2 weeks.


A large selection of puzzles for children and adults.  

Checkout and bring back when completed.

Storysacks for children

A bag with a book and fun activites for children to do pertaining to the title.

Large Print Books

A large selection of Large Print Books for the visually handicapped reader includes Westerns, mysteries, Christian fiction, regular fiction, etc.

Kansas Books

A large selection of books on Kansas subjects. These are shelved in the Kansas Room and include history, communities, people, travel guides,  plants, wildlife, cookbooks, photography, and local genealogy. 

Wireless Internet Service

Free Wi-Fi service is accessible 24/7.  Patrons may use their own devices inside during library hours, or outside the library when the building is closed.

Public Computers:

Computers are available for use during regular business hours.  Please limit your time to 1 hour. If others are waiting to use a computer, staff may request after a reasonable time that you relinquish the computer.

Copy or Prints:

The library charges $0.15 per page for black and white copies and $1.00 per page for color. Items may be scanned to email  for free. Wireless printing is also available. Items printed must be paid for if wanted or not.

Fax Machine:

The cost is $1.00 a page for sending & receiving faxes

Story Times:

Regular Story Times are held in the Children’s Department.  Check our calendar for schedule.  

Summer Reading Program:

 Summer reading is offered for all ages. 

Children's Programs:

Children’s Programs are held throughout the year for all age groups. 

Kansas Library Card:

A Kansas library card allows patrons access to eBooks & numerous databases 

Talking Books:

Talking Books are available through the State Library for the visually impaired.  We can help you submit your application for this free service.


eBooks are available through the Sunflower eLibrary with a Marion City Library Card and through the  State Library of Kansas with a Kansas Library Card (available at Marion City Library)

Outside Book Return

There is a drop box on the east side of the library for after-hours returns.

Microfilm Reader

To use for viewing Marion County Record newspapers dating 1875 to current.

Meeting Rooms

The Santa Fe room is available to rent for larger groups. (See details under the  Santa Fe tab).

The Kansas room can be used during library hours with prior appointment for small groups.

Santa Fe Room


The Marion City Library welcomes public use of its Santa Fe room for meetings, programs or events sponsored by the Library, City, or initiated by the public for cultural, informational, educational, recreational, or civic purposes. The meeting room is available for these organizations in support of the Library’s mission to be of service to the community.


The meeting room measures 30′ x 30′, contains a sink, countertop area, refrigerator, stove, and microwave. Maximum room occupancy is approximately 80 audience style and 72 with tables. There are sixteen 3′ x 6′ tables and 75 chairs available for use. Restroom Facilities are located in the meeting room.


Not for profit organizations, civic clubs, or churches are not charged for use of the meeting room but there will be a limit of two times per year. 

Groups or individuals with private events will be charged $15 an hour, with a minimum of 2 hours. Fees will be paid upon signing of meeting room contract which needs to be done prior to event.


  • All reservations require the submission of a “Library Meeting Room Reservation” form.
  • The applicant must be at least 21 years of age, provide valid identification, and shall be responsible for ensuring that room use policies and procedures are followed.
  • In most cases, the Library and /or Library Board shall approve or deny the reservation within 24 hours.
  • If approved, the Library will provide a signed copy of the reservation.
  • The meeting room may be reserved up to three months in advance on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Organizations may not reserve the meeting room more than once per week.
  • Meeting cancellations should be communicated to the Library staff as soon as possible.
  • While such circumstances are rare, the Library reserves the right to cancel an existing reservation due to weather, facilities issues, or in support of other Library programs. If such a cancellation is necessary, the Library Director will notify the applicant and reschedule the event.
  • The Library Director and Board of Trustees reserve the right to make exceptions to this policy when they feel such action is beneficial to the library and/or community and are the final authority with regard to restrictions on use of the meeting room.


  • The removal of library property, equipment and items affixed to the walls from the meeting room is prohibited.
  • Groups/individuals may not store their supplies and/or equipment in the library before, between or after the time of the scheduled meeting.,
  • Occupancy may not exceed 100 persons.
  • Conduct consistent with Library policy is required. Organizations using the room are responsible for maintaining order.
  • At least 1-2 adults (21 or older) must be present and responsible for any event involving children. 
  • Use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco products is prohibited.
  • No candles (except battery operated).
  • Glitter and confetti are prohibited.
  • Organizations shall dispose of trash into outside dumpster.
  • Trash bags will be provided.
  • Clean all counters and table surfaces affected by the serving of refreshments.
  • Upon conclusion of an event, the room shall be returned to its previous condition. The applicant shall be financially responsible for all damages to the room, facilities or equipment, including stains or malfunctions due to food related accidents.
  • If any damages or mishaps occur, notify the Library Director after your event. 
  • Activities which impede the function of the Library are prohibited.
  • Room set-up and taking down is the responsibility of the organization. Library staff will not be expected to assist with room configuration activities, such as setting up and taking down tables and chairs.
  • While every attempt will be made to respect the privacy of the organization/individual, Library staff will have access to the room at all times.
  • The TV will not be used by public. It is for Library staff use ONLY.
  • Groups will need to provide their own laptops.
  • Signs, decorations, working papers, or posters may NOT be attached to the walls or surfaces of the meeting room.
  • No pets of any kind are allowed, except for service animals.

After Meeting or Event:

  • Turn off any lights, equipment, reset thermostat, etc.
  • Secure the room and entrance doors.
  • Return the key to outside book drop or into library, if open.


Groups must provide their own refreshments and serving containers/utensils, etc. The group is fully responsible for cleanup. The Library will not provide dishes, silverware, table covers or any other kitchen utensils or small appliances.


*Failure to comply with the meeting room use policies or rules may result in immediate removal from the room and library, denial of future use of the meeting room and other library facilities and/or financial liability for damages due to such non-compliance.

*The City of Marion, the Marion City Library, its staff, board of trustees, or agents shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for damage or personal injury to any member, affiliated person, guest, invitee, or licensee, unless such damage shall be the result of the gross negligence or willful misconduct of an agent or employee of the City or Library.


We only accept cash or check for services rendered or rent of Santa Fe Room. We do not accept debit or credit cards as payment for services. 


State of Kansas eCard:

State of Kansas Library has several different apps.


You will need a State of Kansas Library card number (available at Marion City Library). 

KSL Number: ex 999999

AND password (your birthday mm/dd/yyyy): ex 01/01/2020.

Click on DIGITAL BOOK eLENDING.  There you will see several different apps for either eAudiobooks or eBooks.  Each one is a little different and has instructions for use.  When you click on the instructions, you will learn if the app is compatible with your device.


Log into

Download Libby app on device.

Scroll down arrow to find Marion City Library

Enter your Marion City Library Card number and password which will be your last name with the first letter capitalized. 

Must have a Library card with the Marion City Library.

 ebooks and audio books for non-fiction,  fiction, and children.


Card Catalog

To Use Marion City Library’s On-Line Card Catalog:

Visit the Marion City Library and get a library card and number from the staff.

After you have received your card, go to the library’s webpage,, click on card catalog on the right side of page.
You can search the card catalog from this page by typing in title or author. The page will be displayed showing if it is available or not. If there is a reserve list for that title, you will receive item in order of list.
LOG IN: This is in the upper right-hand corner. 

USERNAME: YOUR 4 DIGIT LIBRARY ACCOUNT # 1_ _ _ (The staff can tell you your number if
you don’t know it.)

PASSWORD Type in USERPASS the first time you log on.
Then create the password you want-You MUST remember this password for
future sessions.

Click on My Account to view your items checked out.
On this page will be displayed items out, items on reserve, items lost, items on ILL, history of items checked
out and any fines accrued.

Be sure to log out when finished.

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