5 Star Award Reception

Everyone is invited to a reception in honor of the library’s 5 star award given by the Library Journal- a national publication!

The reception will be a come and go event on Monday, February 18 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Refreshments will be served in the Santa Fe Room and there will be an award presentation at 4 p.m. with the mayor, library board and staff present.

2019 One Community-One Book

Image result for clip art cover The American Spirit by David McCulloughImage result for clip art cover time's shadow by arnold bauer

 The  Library’s 2019  One Community, One Book project  has included two book selections  this year.

“The American Spirit” by David McCullough

&   “Time’s Shadow” by Arnold Bauer

Time’s Shadow by Arnold Bauer.   Arnold Bauer grew up on his family’s 160-acre farm in Goshen Township in Clay County, Kansas, amidst a land of prairie grass and rich creek-bottom soil. His meditative and moving account of those years depicts a century-long narrative of struggle, survival, and demise. A coming-of-age memoir set in the 1930s to 50s, it blends local history with personal reflection to paint a realistic picture of farm life and families from a now-lost world. Time’s Shadow eloquently captures the events of an era and the meaning it held for one boy and those around him.

“The American Spirit   by David McCullough. This book is a short collection of speeches by David McCullough, one of America’s foremost historians.  Some of the speeches are inspiring, some of them are informative, and many are both. McCullough’s thrust in all of them is to stress the importance of history as a guide to American character and values. He fears that many Americans, and young Americans in particular, are ignorant of the kind of history that can enrich and guide their views of the present and future.    This book reminds us of core American values to which we all subscribe, regardless of which region we live in, which political party we identify with, or our ethnic background. This is a book about America for all Americans that reminds us who we are and helps to guide us as we find our way forward.

This is the third year of the One Community, One Book reading project in the community. The project centers on the community-wide reading of a single book and is dedicated to creating a shared conversation.  Through a shared reading experience, we will discuss issues that matter, learn from each other and promote greater understanding.

A discussion of the book The American Spirit will be held Wednesday, February 27th at 7 p.m. in the Santa Fe Room at the Marion City Library.

A discussion of the book   Time’s Shadow will be held Wednesday, March 13th  at 7 p.m. in the Santa Fe Room at the Marion City Library for everyone to attend.

Copies of the books are available for checkout at the Marion City Library.

For questions or for more information call the Marion City Library 620-382-2442

Marion City Library 5-Star Rating

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We are proud to announce, after three years of receiving a 4-Star Rating from the Library Journal, we have been awarded a FIVE STAR rating!!!!

This is the highest rating that can be achieved.

The ratings are figured on circulation, library visits, number of programs, attendance and internet use based on library budget and population.

      There were only 12 libraries in the state of Kansas who received any rating           and only 10 libraries in the nation in our budget range that received 5 Stars!

We are very proud and grateful for the award and want to thank everyone for helping us reach this goal by giving us your support, interest and cooperation in our endeavors to enrich our community.


Early Literacy Program

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

This program is an ongoing early literacy program to get  children ready to start reading. Studies have proven that young children who have been read to regularly build the skills they need in order to learn to read. If anyone reads to your child just 1 library book a day for a year, they will have listened to 365 books!  

After the children have registered at the library, they will receive a reading chart to record their books. When they complete their first 100 books they will receive a book bag and their next reading chart. The children will receive a prize for every 100 books read till they reach 1000. At 500 books, the child will have a library book dedicated to them that will remain in the library and be a reminder to your family and all the families in our community about the importance of early literacy!

Let’s see what we can accomplish together to benefit our children.


Book Club Meetings


  Come join this lively group the last Wednesday of every month from 4-5 pm. Discuss what you’ve been reading or sit back and listen to what they’ve been reading!

Information by email

If you would like to receive emails from the library containing information about upcoming library events, new books, movies, etc., please supply the staff with your email address. Your email address will not be shared with anyone else.

Talking Books

Do you know anyone who would benefit from the Talking Books program?

Talking Books is a program run by the state. Any Kansas citizen that is certified as print impaired due to a visual or physical condition may apply for Talking Books Services. Such conditions may include permanent or temporary blindness, vision loss, physical condition or reading disability. Contact staff to learn more about the service.